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Production Plan

The federation started its own production plan in June 1989 in order to provide employment to the weaver’s members of its member co-operative societies and maintain quality control over the products offered for marketing. a yarn bank has been set up. The primary weavers cooperative societies and their weavers are given yarn with specific designs to weave and they return products to the federation in lieu of wages. The scheme is beneficial to the weavers and their societies as they don’t have to invest on raw material and moreover they also need not to worry about the marketing of their produce. The quality of the woven fabric is ensured by the federation officials and the products are made as per specific demand from the market.The production plan works in a following way :-

The Production Plan as elaborated above is suitable for the weavers having their own looms at their places. Weavers, who opt weaving as secondary occupation, other than agriculture/farming/service/apiculture/horticulture etc., like to avail benefits of production plan as there is no time and place restriction and whenever they spare time, they can weave the fabric. Still there are skilled weavers, who look out for weaving as whole day job. These weavers who are semi-skilled too, can weave in a professional manner and their yield would be more than who are doing the same as secondary profession. For those particular weavers this proposal has been framed and implementing this would further strengthen the handloom weaving as a whole in the region.
In house training facilities is of utmost requirement as the new weaving patterns, skill and designs can be disseminated to the trainees under single roof and supervision of expert master weaver. Similarly, establishment of research and development tools will further strengthen the testing, value addition and modifications.


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