Physical and financial targets set for this component for three years of project duration

S.No Component 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Phy. Fin.(lacs) Phy. Fin.(lacs) Phy. Fin.(lacs)
4(i) Skill up-gradation Training (weaving) 1 2.50 1 2.50 - -

Skill up-gradation Training (weaving)

BildThe technical up-gradation in handloom sector is entirely different from that of small-scale industries. The craft is complicated involving numerous processes. It is also very individualistic and local Crafts differ from region to region. They have their traditional ways of production, their own designs, colours and patterns etc. Therefore, in the very nature of this sector there is need for great sensitivity and delicate handling and tireless service before any result can be achieved.

Therefore, very little efforts have been made towards skill up gradation of the weavers of the proposed cluster area. The traditional weavers are not aware of the latest trend and techniques of production. New generation is not interested to take work of weaving. Remoteness of the areas coupled with economic backwardness has further hampered the development of the weavers.

It is proposed to organize short duration training programmes for a period of two months of 20 numbers of weavers in each batch at various places for the cluster weavers. This will motivate them to take up the weaving work as whole time occupation and ensure their long term sustainability. This will also revive the handloom industry in the cluster area.40 no of Individual weavers will be provided training in skill upgradation and a budget of Rs 5 lacs is being kept for the purpose.

The basis objective of such training will be:

1. To augment the production base of handloom products having good market demand.

2. To improve skills of existing weavers.

3. To transfer the skills of master weavers to the new trainees.

4. Improvement in the generation of products by making diversified  designs.

Outcome (2010-11)

Bild Skill up gradation training (weaving) was successfully imparted at Jagad Khana, P.O. Rampur Teh. Nirmand Distt. Shimla from 1st Oct 2010 to 29th Nov 2010. Twenty beneficiaries participated in the shawl weaving training program.


List of weavers participated in this training...........