Physical and financial targets set for this component for three years of project duration

S.No Component 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Phy. Fin. Phy. Fin. Phy. Fin.
10 Construction of Work shed - - 8 2.00 - -

Construction of Work shed

Assistance under construction of Worksheds will be provided to those weavers who do not have a work place of their own to house the loom and are working at other place on the looms of Master Weaver/Society. Assistance for this component will be provided to the group of preferably 10 weavers in a SHG/Co-operative & group of individual weavers. Assistance for construction of Worksheds will be provided as under:

Component Area per unit Amount of assistance
Construction of Workshed 20 sq. mtr. Rs. 25,000/-


While the Central assistance will be limited to the level mentioned above, the State Governments/UTs/ Implementing Agency/Beneficiaries will be free to meet the additional cost, if any, by means of their own contribution or loans from financial institutions. Under this component, preference will be given to the weavers Below the Poverty Line (BPL). For construction of houses, the weavers may avail assistance under Indira Awas Yojana of the Ministry of Rural Development while assistance towards Workshed can be availed by them under this Scheme. Weavers other than BPL will be considered only after the weavers falling under BPL are covered as far as possible. The entire assistance of Rs 25,000 will be met by the Central Government in the case of weavers falling under BPL, while the weavers other than those falling under BPL will be assisted by the Central Govt. to the extent of 75% i.e. 18,750/- and the remaining to be borne by the State Govt./beneficiary.