Physical and financial targets set for this component for three years of project duration

S.No Component 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Phy. Fin.(lacs) Phy. Fin.(lacs) Phy. Fin.(lacs)
1 Base line survey, diagnostic study & formation of self help groups 1 1.25 - - - -

Base line survey

S.No   Male Female Total
  Total =


Base line survey of weavers of Rampur-Ani was carried out. 302 weavers of 6 primary weavers cooperative societies and 7 Self Help Groups were identified. 39 weavers belong to General Categories, 12 Weavers to OBC, 246 belong to SC and remaining 5 belong to ST category. The units were having 6 to 8 looms at their headquarters and employing approximately 8 weavers. There are total 91 handlooms with these identified groups.

Complete detailed list of 302 beneficiaries covered under Rampur-Ani Handloom Cluster....

Diagnostic study

Bild The diagnostic study was conducted in Rampur area of Shimla District and Nirmand, Ani areas of Kullu District. The economic conditions of weavers is pitiable. Due to lack of working fund they do not get work round the year and end up working 10-12 days per month, which fetches them anything between Rs 800-1000 per month.The products of Rampur, Anni and Nirmand are sold mostly in the area itself during the peak season from October to February every year. On some occasion merchants from Kullu come to Rampur to wipe out the shortage at their end in case of heavy inflow of tourists or exports. Some of the weaver’s societies were earlier supplying products to Delhi but now it is negligible as they faced payment related problems. Societies are also using channels of fairs at different places of the state. Major problems of Rampur cluster is scattered distribution of weavers, secondary occupation, hilly terrains, lack of new and improved designs, absence of raw material outlets, space constraints/work shed, forward linkages, lack of coordination and convergence among agencies, infrastructure constraints, meager flow of bank finance/working capital, limitation of weavers societies etc. Geographical location of this cluster also act as a hinderance. On one side it is connected with Kullu via Jalori pass, which remains closed due to heavy snowfall for almost 6 months in every year. On the other side it is connected with Shimla, where the climatic conditions are more or less same and therefore the same constraints on both sides.

The Primary aim of the Diagnostic study is to identify what ails in cluster.

The detailed objectives of the cluster are detailed below:

•To under stand the current socio economic profile of the cluster.

•To Evaluate the current status of Handloom Cluster in terms of the product variety yarn availability, the number of functional or Non-functional looms, role of support organization and prevailing infrastructure facilities.

•To highlight the constraitns faced by the cluster and suggest some action plans for future.

Complete diagnostic study report...........