Himbunkar Bhawan,
NH-21, Bhunter
Distt. Kullu -175125 (HP) INDIA
Telefax: +91 1902 261983



H.P. State Handloom and Handicrafts Development Co-operative Fedeartion Ltd

The H.P. State Handloom and Handicrafts Development Co-operative Fedeartion Ltd. Bhuntar, Kullu (H.P.) popularly known as HIMBUNKAR, was registered on 20th January 1984 in order to provide a state level forum to the primary handloom weavers’ co-operative societies working in different parts of the State. The headquarter of the federation was kept at Kullu in view of the concentration of weavers and the large number of registered weavers co-operative societies working in this area at that time.

The main objectives of the federation at present are as under:

a) To purchase & stock raw material, tools & appliances connected with        handloom and handicrafts industry primarily for use in its own business &      for supply primarily to its member.
b) To arrange for the establishment of depots for the sale of handloom      products belonging primarily to Apex society and its members. To make      arrangements for dyeing, sizing, calendaring and finishing of handloom      products and to set up for the purpose its own dye house or other      processing plants.
c) To undertake production of handloom and handicrafts goods on its own      account or from members.
d) To carry out publicity of proposals in respect of handloom & handicrafts      industry by publication of suitable literature, arrangement of      demonstration, organization of weavers conferences, participation in      exhibitions & otherwise.
e) To collect commercial information regarding Handloom & Handicrafts      Industry particularly relating to market conditions, adoption of new      Designs and improvement in techniques of production & disseminate such      information amongst its members.
f) To do all such acts as may be conducive to the furtherance of the objects      mentioned above.

     The area of operation of the society is whole of the State of Himachal Pradesh. The H.P. State Handloom & Handicrafts Development Cooperative Federation Ltd is the only organization in Himachal Pradesh which represents the organized weavers’ societies across the state. The apex society at present is providing production as well as marketing support to all of its member societies by different means. Thousands of weavers and thus their cooperative societies are dependent upon apex federation for their basic requirements.