Physical and financial targets set for this component for three years of project duration

S.No Component 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Phy. Fin.(lacs) Phy. Fin.(lacs) Phy. Fin.(lacs)
2 Formation of consortium 1 0.50 - - - -

Formation of consortiumBild

Consortium formation is an excellent initiative under the scheme of cluster development. By formation of consortium various activities that are important and success oriented can be integrated to remove lacuna and various constraints. It will comprise of stake holders from the societies, master weaver, enterprneurs, , NGO etc. Consortium would be providing linkages with the connected organizations like banks, financial institutions, exporters, legal experts, govt machineries etc. The consortium would ultimately take over the activities of cluster after three years and then it will run whole cluster on its own.

Outcome (2010-11)

According to orders from Ministry of textile, Govt. of India vide letter no. 1/26/27/2007/DCH/IHDS/Kancheepuram (WSC) dated 25/05/2009 endorsed by the Directorate of industries, Himachal Pradesh, wherever Apex or Handloom Corporation is functioning well they could be considered as the beneficiaries of the cluster under their organization, so that a separate consortium need not be formed. As our federation is an Apex level federation of the state and functioning well hence formation of a consortium under the scheme is not needed.